The Copper Court

This is a cautionary tale about the perils of batch painting.

2018: I receive this Escher Gang from a friend after he bought the new Necromunda box kit. I assemble the kit and we play a couple of games.

I kick some ass and I’m pretty pumped on the game. I’d always wanted to get into Necromunda since I loved the setting and lore. I want to get them painted up and back on the table as soon as possible. Prime them in black and we were ready to paint.

Riding the wave of excitement, I paint up a test model.

I’m really happy with how the test model turned out. Colour scheme decided. Riding the wave of excitement, I mount the remaining nine minis on corks and put down the first few layers of blue on their armour. By the time I’m putting the highlights on the ninth set of armour, the task is spiralling out below me like looking down the bell tower in Vertigo. This wasn’t fun and exciting like the first model, this was a pain!

I bit off too big a project and now my excitement wave breaks. Since the minis are mounted and ready to paint, I don’t want to play with them. I’m frozen, not painting and not playing. Eventually the friend moved on to other games, and I had a perpetually stalled work-in-progress and no reason to finish it.

Over the next three years, I kept telling myself I’d get back to them. They never left the to-do list. They the perennial hobby goal.

It wasn’t until I gave them a new purpose that I finally worked up the steam to get back on track. Inspired by the work of @romanlappat.miniatureart I decided I was going to build a diorama display base.

That meant I needed to GET THEM PAINTED!

I wanted to go big and bright and more colourful than I usually paint. I made myself play around with new palettes and freehand designs on the cloth and tried not to care if they looked polished. Punk rock, baby. I tried some quick-and-dirty OSL (fun) and some freehand hazard stripes (no thank you).

May I present, “The Copper Court”:

The gang leader with an electroflail and combi boltgun/needler

Champion with a powersword and laspistol

Champion with a plasma pistol

Ganger with two laspistols

Juve with Laspistol (and a broken hair)

Juve with lasgun

Ganger with lasgun

Ganger with lasgun

Ganger with Chemthrower

Ganger with Autogun

Even though it was a long project with lots of emotional up and downs, I’m very pleased with the end result. I love the bright colours and they really pop on the table. Sloppy in places, but better finished than perfect.

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on my painting style (and patience levels), I realize that I definitely should have tackled each model individually. Lesson learnt. Even if I never get another game of Necromunda, I’m excited to keep working on their diorama display board.

Why are they “The Copper Court”? Stay tuned to find out…

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