Contrast Study: Duellist Bust

This was my first time painting a bust. I wanted to do a quick contrast study to develop skills working at this scale and challenge myself to use contrast in a dramatic way. I used zenithal priming lighting to create a stark contrast between the lit areas and the shadows. I wanted to give the impression of someone standing outside in a darkened forest while being lit by torchlight. To this end, I used yellow for my primary colour and complementary greens and oranges for the shading, plus a little teal to pick out details.

This sculpt is from Loot Studios’s “Journey to Valhalla” series, specifically the “Sverting, the Forest Tribe” set.

I printed it on my Anycubic Photon Mono X using Anycubic Basic “Skin” resin. Sliced the files using Lychee 3 slicer. You can find more info on how I printed the pieces and my printer settings (and many failures in my Resin Printing Log.)

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