Bayou Gremlins: Som’er & The Gang

I started playing Malifaux in 2015, right around when the Crossroads book came out. My first kit was the Guild vs. Neverborn starter set, and then I quickly decided to also start Gremlins. And Outcasts. And Ressurectionists… This Som’er crew started in 2016 after I picked up a bunch of the old 1st edition metal …

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I painted Thandel for my friend’s birthday this year, to commemorate his old Dungeons & Dragons Rogue. The sculpt is “Many-Faced Joe” from Loot Studios‘s February 2022 release “Gathering in the Festering Swamp”. I printed him in 75mm scale on my Anycubic Photon Mono X using Siraya Tech Fast Navy Grey resin (print log here). …

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