1 hour Druid Plant Shape

This mini was meant represent my Pathfinder Druid, Vithaldus Oakbound. When he finally hit level 8 , he would learn the spell Wild Shape able to assume his mighty plant form. We never made it to level 8, but I still have lots of fond memories of the campaign.

The mini was from the Reaper Bones line. He ended up bouncing around in my bitz box for about 10 years. This spring I decided to do use it for a palette-cleansing 1-hour speed paint.

I primed it in white, and then base-coated in brown followed by dark green. Real fast and sloppy.

Next, i gave it all a wash with 1:1 Agrax Earthshade : Reikland Fleshshade.

Then a quick drybrush with Desert Yellow.

I mixed yellow into my dark green and did a highlight on the vines and other foliage. Straight yellow for the beehives and Scab Red for the mushroom caps.

Finally, I did a highlight on the eyes and white dots on the mushroom caps.

And the final result…

Plus a little bonus, a sketch of Vithladus I found in an old sketchbook:

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